Andre Hello there!

Let me have a brief introduction myself. You can just simply call me, Andre.  I was graduated in 2009 from Dept. of Civil Engineering Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia while my master degree majoring in Structural Engineering in 2011 was from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. Now, I work for WIECON, a specialist bridge consulting firm, as a Bridge Engineer in Taipei, Taiwan. FYI, the photo beside this was taken at Yang-Ming Mountain at northern Taiwan.

This is my personal blog. This blog was created to express my feelings and my thought before I forgot everything. Most of contents in this blog belong to my experience. I hope that my writing in this blog can be useful to other people.

Me in shorts: Photography, Travelling, Civil Engineering, Bridge, Foodie, Aviation enthusiast


7 Responses to A B O U T M E

  1. anggriawan says:

    wah, ngeblog juga ndre …
    keep blogging yak ^__~ …
    sering-sering posting yg bermanfaat yakk…

  2. nico says:

    keren juga dre sekarang lo nge-blog..
    emang masih ada waktu ya? katanya kuliah lo sibuk banget kan? gimana ipk sekarang? pasti ok donk, andre gitu loh.. bagi2 ilmu donk ma gw!!!

  3. ratih says:

    andre!! blogger jg yaa??
    aq link yaa..

  4. Andre Puja Oktora says:

    halo, semua… baru ada waktu luang lagi nih, jadi mulai posting2 lagi 😉

  5. olivia hsieh says:

    wah lg nyari data, ga sengaja ketemu blognya Andre^^

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