Hello Taipei! Hello 2012!

It’s been a half year, I just checked my blog regularly and answered comments from visitor of this blog. I am really sorry for those who came to my blog and found no posting update. I shouldn’t say that i am really busy with my thesis and new job though. Actually, WordPress sent me an email reviewing my blog during a whole year 2011, and i am kinda surprised that many people came to my blog in 2011. Whatever, i want to open this new year 2012 with good start and keep writing. In the following year, i will still writing my post in at least 3 languages (English, Indonesia, and Chinese) to keep my ability in writing. The topics in 2012 will be mostly in specific topic about photography, travelling food, and civil engineering.

Back to the main topic as written in the title, i spent my new year holiday in Taipei with David and Halim, friends from NCKU and Iju Ho my colleague in my current office. We started the day with lunch (such a weird, but yes, we woke up late at that day, haha). Iju chose a Hot-Pot restaurant because it seemed the best choice to eat in the cold whether in the winter. After lunch, we went to our first destination, Maokong Gondola. It can be easy reached by took MRT Wenshan Line (Brown line) and we arrived there about only 15 minutes from Technology Building Station to Taipei Zoo Station. The Maokong Gondola is 5 minutes walk from Taipei Zoo station. I took a photo of friends in Taipei Zoo Station with cute background of Panda and Turtle welcomed us in Taipei 😉

Hello Taipei!

There Maokong Gondola is managed by the same company as Taipei MRT Corporation. The Maokong Gondola only have 4 stations there are: Taipei Zoo station, Taipei Zoo South Station, Zhinan Temple Station, and Maokong Station in the peak. The Car itself divided into 2 kind, the ordinary car and the Cabin crystal car which the floor is made of glass let us can see the view under our feet from above. The scenery from the Gondola (a.k.a. Cable car) was awesome, i still felt excited even it was not my first experience took the Maokong Gondola.

a moment before departing

on the cable car

in front of Maokong Station

Highway view from the car

a model wanna be

After spent an hour around the Maokong Station we returned back and took the cable car to Taipei Zoo   South Station to enter the the zoo from the rear entrance. The time was running so fast, we arrived at the Zoo at 4:00PM and the Zoo will be closed at 5:00PM, so we decided just to visit the most famous animal, they are Penguin, Panda, and Koala.

around the penguins

sleeping koala


The final destination to end the last day in 2011 was at Taipei 101, we watched the spectacular fireworks. It was my second time spent my new year at Taipei 101. I felt very lucky and happy to have such a awesome new year holiday!

Taipei 101 fireworks 2012

Taipei 101 fireworks 2012

Happy New Year 2012 All! 😉

Andre, Taipei – 06 Jan 2012.


About Andre Puja Oktora

I am a Civil Engineer specialist in underground structure as well as bridge design. I love travelling. My dream is to step my feet in all continents before 40.
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