Old Tainan’s Public Hall


This building was built when Japan in charge in Taiwan. This building  was originally used to public hall. The architecture is mainly influenced by Japanese style. Now, the building is maintained by Tainan city government for one of tourist resort. The main building is a small museum while behind the main building is a small lake and grass-garden. In the weekend, people usually come to take a rest at the garden. Moreover, many of professional photographers take their photo session there.

Here are more pictures around the main building that i had captured in the past weekend:


About Andre Puja Oktora

I am a Civil Engineer specialist in underground structure as well as bridge design. I love travelling. My dream is to step my feet in all continents before 40.
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3 Responses to Old Tainan’s Public Hall

  1. felicia says:

    Old Tainan itu di daerah Tainan yah?

  2. felicia says:

    Thank you ya

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